California Voters Pass Proposition 19!

California voters have spoken and over 7.9 million voters supported Proposition 19. Passage of Proposition 19 is a win for all Californians – providing additional funding to firefighters, local governments, and school districts, as well as limiting property tax increases for some of California’s most vulnerable communities.

This victory would not have been possible without you – thank you! Every text, email, social media post, like, share, and comment made an impact and helped Proposition 19 earn support from a majority of California voters.

We continue to face big challenges as a state, but with the passage of Proposition 19, we will be able to address some of those challenges we face; by allowing homeowners 55 and older and people with severe disabilities to transfer their home’s property tax base to a new home anywhere in California. With this victory, California will be able to recover and emerge stronger than ever!